ImageFor today’s blog post, I’m proud to introduce you all to Stacy Eaton, author, mom, and full-time police officer. When I heard Stacy’s newest release, Whether I’ll Live or Die, was about domestic violence, I asked if she would stop by my blog for a chat. I’m always interested in hearing how other authors get inspired to write dark fiction, and Stacy’s response did not disappoint!

MM: Tell us about yourself, Stacy.

SE: This year I celebrated the 43rd year of my life and I’m excited about that! Some people think being in your 40’s is getting old. Me… I just think it means my life is finally where I want it to be and now I can sit back, relax and enjoy it!

I’m a mother of two – my son is grown and proudly serving in the military and my daughter is, well… she’s amazing! A kind sweet young lady that I adore to the ends of the earth!  My husband and I work in the same field, but luckily not in the same place. That could be disastrous!

I have been a police officer since 2000. I love my job! Love being about to meet so many people, and to help people when they need it. My passion lies in forensics and investigation, I am a puzzle solver so what better position, right?

When I am not working, or with my family, I love to take photographs, visit the beach and hike. You will never find my kindle to far from me, and instead me watching television, you will find me snuggled up with my daughter reading.

MM: When did you start writing?

SE: I started my writing career in October of 2010. I had never considered writing before, but an idea came to me and I sat down to write. I am one of those people that when I set my mind to something, I won’t stop until I have accomplished it. It can drive some people crazy, but that’s me.

My Blood Runs Blue was the first book that I wrote. It was published in April of 2011 by Outskirts Press, Inc. The second book in the paranormal series was Blue Blood for Life which was released in September of 2011.

Now that I have been bitten by the writing bug, I can’t imagine a life without it.

MM: Some writers base their stories on dreams, real life scenarios they’ve experienced or heard. Where do your stories come from?

SE: A little bit of all of that.  The paranormal series I wrote came from my love of the supernatural. I live in a world of drama on a daily basis, so I find myself pulled to the paranormal quite often to escape.  With my knowledge of law enforcement, I use it to keep the story feeling realistic.  When it comes to dreams… my characters have full reign on my mind and they do quite well with filling it while I am awake and asleep.

ImageWhether I’ll Live or Die is based on domestic violence. What inspired this story? Is it based on a true story?

WILoD is based on a whole lot of true stories. I have seen domestic violence in my life, and I deal with it every day on my job.  The events that take place in the book are similar to things I have felt, witnessed and heard about. The characters are not real, but the seriousness of this topic is very real.

It is my hope that people will not only enjoy the intense story but read this and not be afraid to either get the help they need or help someone else to get it. I want people to know there are others out there who can help and they are NOT ALONE!

MM: Was it difficult to write such a dark piece?

SE: Oh man… was it hard?  Yes! There were times when I was writing some of the very intense scenes and I would write a sentence, a small paragraph and have to get up and walk away. The anger and pain would be extremely intense and I would need to take a break. I’d come back, write a few more lines then go do something else.

I wanted to make sure that the point got across without being gross or vulgar. This subject is not a nice fluffy thing to write about, and I needed to be careful how I wrote things. I wanted the emotions to come across, but I did not want to throw it in the readers face.

The emotion in this book still gets me and I have read it so many times. The last two chapters bring tears to my eyes every time I read them. I hope that the readers can feel it too.

MM: As a cop, you must see and hear it *all*. Do you have to shut your writing brain off while on the job? How often do you say, “This would make the best novel!”

SE: Hahaha….  You would think that I have seen it “all”, but every time I go to work, I see one more thing I never thought I would see. I can’t say that my job is ever boring that is for sure.

What’s funny is that the people I work with now tell me about incidents and say I should write about them. There are a whole lot of cops that want to be put onto the pages of a novel for someone to drool over, lol…

While I do see things and I do use them as a basis for an idea, I change the incidents dramatically so they differ from how they original transpired. They are just used as ideas to bring stories to life.

MM: What projects are you working on now?

SE: Well… now I am diving back into my paranormal series and working on book 3 of the series. I think it will be titled: Blue Blood Mixes or something like that. I’m not exactly sure. I’m still working on the first draft, but I want to get it completed soon. My readers have been waiting patiently for me to finish WILoD so I can get them more of Officer Kristin Greene and the vampires of Fawn Hollow Township.

I’m also working on a Guardian Angel novel and a contemporary romance.  I have about 6 ideas on the back burner and would love to be about to help them come to life.

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