Pulled Beneath

After her parents are brutally murdered, Drew Stevens finds her world turned upside down. With doors opening all around her, she has more unanswered questions than she knows what to do with.

And everything she thought she knew, has been a lie.

As the truths continue to unravel, she stumbles upon Saint, a guy whose reputation is as tumultuous as his past. His scars are too deep, and Drew’s are so fresh, they have the power to heal each other’s painful wounds.

But the very thing that brings them together is the same thing that keeps them emotionally caged.

Can they work through their differences, or will they be Pulled Beneath the darkness of their pasts?

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Pulled Within

For five long years, Rae Ryan has lived in a storm. Little by little, everything has been taken away from her—her job, her relationship, her best friend and her home. Plagued by nightmares and a terrible family secret, she carries her scars as much on the inside as she does on the outside.

But storms can’t last forever…can they?

Hart Booker, another disappointment from her past, tries to shelter her from the rain. He reminds Rae that forgiveness is possible, that happiness can be found on the other side of darkness, and that beauty rests beneath the ugliness.

Still, no matter how hard she fights to find the light, a sinister figure lingering in the background seems determined to pull Rae back into the shadows.

Can she survive the storm and shed her past? Or is she destined to remain Pulled Within?

Recommended for mature audiences due to explicit language, sexual abuse, disturbing situations, and drug use.

Kindle Paperback Signed Prints