Pulled Beneath

termino namoro kevinho I was floating through my life, safe and warm, before my parents died.

casiplay My life capsized as the unanswered questions began to pile up. The only place I could begin to find answers was in Bar Harbor, Maine.

http://amykorman.com/13-cat/casino_12.html The first one I found was that everything I’d known was a lie.

General Mamerto Natividad neurontin koiralle As the truths continued to unravel, I stumbled on Saint.

neurontin 600 mg para q es His reputation was as tumultuous as the sea, his past a dark storm. His scars were so deep and mine so fresh that we somehow managed to find solace in each other.

http://serenityfortunehomes.com/24-cat/casino_50.html But the very thing that had brought us together could pull us beneath the waves for good.

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Pulled Within

For five long years, I was the eye of a hurricane.

I watched as everything had been taken away from me. My job, my relationship, my best friend, and my home. Nothing was safe from the chaotic winds that surrounded me.

All I could manage to keep were my scars.

And the terrible secret that kept me in the storm.

Hart belonged to my past, to a sunnier day. He was determined to show me that happiness could be found on the other side of darkness, that all clouds eventually cleared.

But, with every step I took toward his calm, something—or someone—tried to pull me back within.

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